Violation Reporting Mechanism (Whistleblowing)
Violation Reporting Mechanism (Whistleblowing)

The company always pays attention to the interests of Stakeholders based on the principles of fairness and equality. The company is also aware that the absence of a standard mechanism for handling Whistleblowing by Stakeholders can result in a decrease in the reputation and public trust in the Company. The provisions in the Whistleblowing Guidelines and Procedures are a form of increasing the protection of Stakeholders and the protection of the good name of the Company. In this regard, in the context of implementing guidelines and procedures, the Company considers it necessary to have a Whistleblowing mechanism as described below.

How to Submit a Violation Report to the Company
1 Violation reporting is done in writing

a. Delivering official letters addressed to the Company's Board of Commissioners by direct delivery or by post to the Company's address:


Antam Office Park Tower B, 5th Floor

Letjen. TB Simatupang Street No. 1,

Tanjung Barat

South Jakarta 12530, Indonesia

b. By Email :

c. Reporting of violations in writing with an identity must be accompanied by photocopies of identity and supporting documents such as: documents relating to transactions carried out and/or reporting of violations to be submitted.

d. Reporting of Violations in writing without an identity must be accompanied by photocopies of supporting documents such as: documents relating to transactions carried out and/or Reporting of Violations to be submitted.

2 Stakeholder Representative

If the Violation Report is filed by a representative Stakeholder, then in addition to the documents above, other documents are also submitted, are:

a. Photocopy of proof of identity of Stakeholders and representatives Stakeholder

b. Power of Attorney from Stakeholder to representatives Stakeholder which states that Stakeholder grant authority to act for and on behalf of Stakeholder

c. If representative Stakeholder is an institution or legal entity, then it must attach a document stating that the party filing the Whistleblowing is authorized to represent the institution or legal entity.

3 Acceptance of Whistleblowing by the Company

a. The company accepts every Violation Report submitted by Stakeholder and/or Representative Stakeholder in writing.

b. The company provides an explanation of the policies and procedures for the settlement of Whistleblowing at the time Stakeholder and/or representatives Stakeholder file a Violation Report.

c. The company provides a receipt, if the Violation Report is submitted in writing and accompanied by the identity of the complainant.

d. The recipient of the Whistleblowing is the Board of Commissioners c.q Secretariat of the Board of Commissioners.

4 Dissemination of Violation Reporting

Violation Reporting Mechanism socialized to all Stakeholder in the context of GCG implementation in the Company.

Procedure for Handling Whistleblowing Complaints
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