OHS Expert Training Services in Jakarta

OHS training programs are urgently needed, especially in the Capital City of DKI Jakarta and throughout Indonesia in general. This is related to the issue of knowledge and also awareness in work, both by the employer and the workers themselves.

Even the slightest negligence at work can cause quite a big problem when it comes to the safety of workers in the field.

Implementation of the Training Program which are usually carried out by companies usually refer to OHS expert training programs organized by parties who have competence in their fields.

Apart from being a company that was established to manage waste systems, thanks to its experience and good management, Sinergi has now collaborated with partners who have permits to organize and develop expert OHS training services and environmental competency training in Jakarta.

The following is a list of OHS Safety Training or OHS Expert Training held by PT. Sinergi Mitra Lestari Indonesia (Sinergi):

Mining First Operational Supervisor

Main Operational Supervisor (POU) of Mining

Intermediate OHS Expert Training

Mining Intermediate Operational Supervisor

Beginner OHS Expert Training

Main OHS Expert Training

The basis that makes it indispensable OHS training this is to train and also educate actors and job providers so they are able to be more self-aware in maintaining safety.

To be better understood, here are some of the benefits that will be obtained from a comprehensive and appropriate training:

Add insight and knowledge and skills of workers.

Providing opportunities for workers to carry out their functions and roles in working safely, with minimal risk.

Reducing and minimizing the number of work accidents that occur due to negligence or other matters.

Increase professionalism at the worker level.

Minimizing costs incurred due to work accidents.

Creating good relations between workers and employers.

Improving the existing OHS culture to a better level.

Maintain legal rights and obligations for employers and workers in terms of safety at work.

While doing OHS Expert Training in Jakarta hosted by PT. Sinergi Mitra Lestari Indonesia, participants will get some in-depth material such as:

OHS Policy & Fundamentals,

OHS/SMK3 Management,

Accident causes & statistics and Accident reports and analysis,

SMK3 audits,


Law No. 1 of 1970,

Identification of OHS supervision objects (Mechanical, building construction, Steam & pressure vessel fields, Electrical and fire prevention sectors, Occupational health and work environment sectors),

Plant visit,

Presentation of plant visit & evaluation

These materials will continue to be developed and updated so that every training conducted will always use the basic concepts of the material and also the latest conditions.