MoU between PT Nasional Hijau Lestari and PT Wastec International

PT Wastec Internasional (hereinafter referred to as ”PT WI”) is a private company in the form of a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia which is engaged in the field of Hazardous Waste Transportation, Collection and Management Services and has obtained permits issued by the Agencies related to the Transport, Collection and Management of Hazardous Waste.

The Cooperation Agreement between PT NHL and PT WI was made to participate in the Work Auction organized by PT Pertamina EP SCM Procurement Zone 1 for the Provision of Hazardous Waste Management Services – Lirik Field.

In this PKS, PT WI as a party that has work experience in accordance with the announcement of the auction and in accordance with the field/sub-sector of work being auctioned as well as the person in charge and executor of the auction. And PT NHL as the Waste Transporter/Waste Transporter.

PT NHL and PT WI have signed an MCC regarding the Management of Hazardous Waste on August 6, 2021.

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