Recognize the Waste Code and its Explanation

Hazardous waste is the residue of a business and or activity containing hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is generated from activities/businesses from the industrial sector, tourism, health services and from domestic households. Hazardous waste management is regulated in Government Regulation Number 101 of 2014 concerning hazardous waste management, in which this regulation also lists a complete list of hazardous waste, both from non-specific sources, hazardous waste from specific sources, and hazardous waste from expired hazardous waste, spilled hazardous waste, which do not meet product specifications and used hazardous waste packaging.

Below is an example of a list of waste codes along with their explanations

Waste CodeWaste TypeTypes of Industrial Activities
A101aTetrakloroetilenHalogenated Solvents
A102aTrikloroetilenHalogenated Solvents
A103aMetilen KloridaHalogenated Solvents
A104a1,1,1-trikloroetanaHalogenated Solvents
A105a1,1,2-trikloroetanaHalogenated Solvents
A106aKarbon TetrakloridaHalogenated Solvents
A107a1,1,2,-trikloro-1,2,2,-trifluoroetanaHalogenated Solvents
A108aTriklorofluorometanaHalogenated Solvents
A109aOrto-diklorobenzenaHalogenated Solvents
A110aKlorobenzenaHalogenated Solvents
A111aTrikloroetanaHalogenated Solvents

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